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Holy Cross Minster

General Information

Holy Cross Minster, Schwäbisch Gmünd, is located on the Ostalb, in the South of Germany. It is a Gothic church built from 1330 and is the first grand hall church in Southern Germany. The Holy Cross Minster is a late gothic hall church built from the 14th to 16th century with interruptions by the famous mason family Parlor. It has no transepts and a towerless west front, a two-storied choir polygon with ring of chapels on the ground floor. The structure is covered by a huge saddleback roof. The church is richly furnished with sculptures as in the five portals (see Figure below for the south choir portal), partly as polychromy, and many gargoyles and pinnacles. In a retrofitting session in 1998, steel reinforcements had been installed, since pillars had been found moving slightly outwards. Deterioration of the portals originates mainly from the swellable claybound sandstone, the freezing and thawing cycles, humidity input from above and agitations by door closing. Regular restoration is performed by the minster workshop. The church was selected as one of the main case studies of SMooHS. Within the monitoring campaign, the actual condition with respect to temperature, air humidity, wall humidity and salination as well as vibration is monitored on certain points on the church.

Details on that case study and the monitoring campaign could be found here: www.shm.uni-stuttgart.de (external link) (external link)

WP6: Project Report

Sensor description

Sensor installation was done on 14 September 2010. Sensors were installed at the south nave portal (potential sensors) and the south choir portal (temperature, humidity, acceleration and impedance sensors). The base station was installed on top of a confessional box.

Tests conducted included a desalination of a part of the portal stone, monitoring of environmental condition, measurements of the impedance of a stone sample and monitoring of the acceleration of door activities.


Figure above shows some temperature data of three selected temperature sensors. Blue curve is a sensor inside the church, the other two sensor are located outside.

Figure above shows the maximum acceleration of the door closing for the recorded event from 30 October 2010 to 1 November 2010 for all three spacial dimensions.

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