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Monitoring Campaigns

There are three climatic zones (Central European, Northern and Southern Mediterranean) represented in three main and three additional case studies during the project. Those sites offer the possibility of indoor and outdoor testing. Three main case studies are used to test and to demonstrate several different methodologies simultaneously and are also used for the modeling:
  • Museum Island, Berlin, Germany. World Cultural Heritage since 1999
  • Polychrome Portals of the Holy Cross Minster Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany
  • Main office of the Province of Bologna, Italy
The additional case studies (freely selectable by each partner) are located in Palestinian-administered area and Austria where specific partners are responsible for:
However, there might be some additional small case studies selected during the project which might be of more interest or closer to each partner that saves travel costs. One of that is:
Monitoring demands would be the determination of temperature and moisture profiles within the wall thickness (at different heights), of wall surface temperature (at different heights) and the mea-surement of air temperature near the wall (at different heights). It would have to be checked if the water content is in liquid or gaseous form and how large is the humidity exchange at wall-air inter-face. Therefore, another important aspect is the air velocity at the wall surface, which directly drives desorption and absorption of water. With regard to diffusion processes, the determination of salt concentration within walls becomes one of the most important aspects of monitoring, because salt crystallization/hydration cycles within the wall could lead to internal stress and as a consequence to micro-cracking and loss of strength.

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