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Monitoring Toolbox

The web-based Toolbox is one of the main outcomes of the SMooHS project. The project team provides here information on smart monitoring systems which are non-destructive, minimal-invasive and capable of operating in the real-world conditions. Wireless networks
of miniature, robust sensors for unobtrusive installation at historic structures are presented, which can monitor agents of deterioration in the environment: temperature, humidity, air velocity, pollution or UV light levels. Diagnostic techniques and sensors for tracing damage - accumulated in the past or on-going in historic structures - are nalysed. They comprise a wide range of methods from a traditional visual inspection to a sophisticated acoustic–emission monitoring capable of tracing crack propagation accurately in space and time with amazing sensitivity. The smart diagnostic techniques and sensors contained in the Toolbox assess structural integrity, warn of danger, safeguard against catastrophic failures, help to understand the connection between damage development and the agents of destruction in the environment, and therefore can enhance the reservation of a wide range of historic structures. The Toolbox is accessable online under:

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