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Museum Island - Berlin

General Information

Bode Museum, Berlin, is one of the museums on the Museum Island and was built at the beginning of the 20th century. It houses scupltures, Byzantine art and the "coin cabinet". Bode Museum is part of the Museum Island, an aggregation of five world renowned museums, and is therefore world cultural heritage of the UNESCO. The museum has three different thematic collections: sculptures, Byzantine art and coins. Of all the art objects housed, the wooden sculptures are sensitive to climatic changes. Therefore, large portions of the show rooms are fully climatized, while some rooms (e.g. the cupola and the entrance area) are only temperized. It was selected as a main case study within the SMooHS-project. The scope of the monitoring was to gather bounding values for the computer modelling of the indoor climate simulation. The measurement system was developed by the Institute of Construction Materials and the Material Testing Institute of the University of Stuttgart, together with Smartmote TTI GmbH. The computer modelling of the climatic situation was done by European Academy of Bozen (EURAC). The project likes to thank the museum's management, the restorers and the technical staff for their support.

Test description

The installed sensors measure the ambient conditions of the investigated rooms (air and surface temperature, air relative humidity and air velocity) in order to evaluate the influence of external climatic conditions through the entrance to the main axis of the museum and the influence of non conditioned air to the exhibition rooms. The data collected by the sensors will be used also to improve the CFD analyses made on these rooms. Furthermore, a single light sensor was installed to monitor the long-term light conditions in a room with daylight.


The installtion of the wireless sensor system was made end of December 2010. From January 2011 on the system was collecting data untill end of 2011. The data is available for download (restricted to registered) under http://www.shm.uni-stuttgart.de (external link).

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