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Zahdeh Building - Hebron

General Information

The Building was at the old centre of Hebron. It was the home of the rich family called Kerasha, allocated on the old centre of Hebron. Mainly built in late Turkish style: this building, simple and harmonic, with pure traditional materials. without exaggeration style. Upon entering The building from the old centre plaza though the main entrance which indirect with stairs to the first level. In the ground level there are eight stores directed to plaza & street. Used for commercial needs for locals & tourists. On the first level there are four main spaces (ROOMS), Kitchen & Wc. covered yard leads to open yard with stairs to the second level. The second level has six bed rooms & covered yard which leads to open yard with stairs to the roof top. Later when the building was partially damaged in the Great earthquake in the year of 1927, and the local craftsman adding the last level in 1957 using steel beams from railways with concrete (I-beams concrete roofs) & adding the final touch to the building using ceramic attic, the way we see it today.

Project Report

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